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Lobes, profiles, eccentrics, out of round grinding.....
Kent Kams - Cam Design

The simple cam lobe:

An eccentric shape designed to translate rotating motion into reciprocating motion.  

However, at Kent Cams the difference is in the detail - ask us why we are the manufacturer of choice to the worlds leading motosport engine builders…. 

Cubic Boron Nitride, 35mm CNC negative radius constant surface speed grinding, atmosphere controlled CNC isolation room, anti vibration floors are all production standards here at Kent Cams. The exact same technologies that are employed in Formula One.

You may not need our level of technology, however it's reassuring to know that our camshafts are currently used in WRC, WTCC, WSB, BSB, ERC, ETCC, BTCC 

Put simply we are manufacturers of all types camshafts, specialising in motorsport, short production runs, pre production prototypes and one off’s, however our in house manufacturing expertise extends to valve retainers, adjustable cam pulley’s, valve guides, chain gears, poly-v belt pulley’s, cam followers and shims. We also offer a bespoke range of valve springs, and are Europes largest ARP stockist.  

A short history:

Established due to the explosion of Motorsport in the 1960's, Kent Performance Cams grew from a fledgling idea nurtured by two engineers - Bob Munt and Bob Fry - into a world renowned specialist camshaft manufacturing team, a camshaft manufacturing house that was capable of producing competition engine components within strict quality control criteria whilst remaining cost effective, a policy we still pursue to this day. Bob Fry - who took full control of the company in 1989 - has since taken a back seat in the running of the company leaving a team of engineers headed by Tony Woodward, Andy Burns and Graham Watts responsible for further camshaft development. Other key employees include Sales Manager Del Johnson and head of our specialist machine shop Dave Speller. With motorsport experience spanning six decades we have both old school experience and new, forward thinking drive.

Cam profile design:

Our cam profile designers currently use various methods of curve creation including the latest ‘Concept Valve Train' software licensed from Lotus Engineering. This enables us to quickly assess and analyse potential vulnerabilities within your existing valve train/cam profile and therefore solve potential reliability issues. We also offer a profile design service to suit your specific valve motion requirements or engine requirements, creating an optimum cam curve whilst considering velocity, acceleration and jerk as well as displacement and period limitations.

Negative radius grinding - 35mm
CBN grinding

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